Sketchbook Circle

Lead by: Miss Rebecca Barnes

Sketchbook Circle – Art School Intro Pamphlet 2017

  • A circle of students/staff arranged so that everyone has other artist partners to work with. We meet every month on the last Wednesday at lunchtime in the Art Room.
  • Everyone starts with an A5 book to work into and a theme word to inspire them. They make a piece of work (or a few pieces) in the book and then this will be passed onto a partner.
  • There is a month for everyone to make a piece of work (or pieces) in response to the work received in any way you choose. Then you give it back. You could make a 3d piece and take a photo of it, a simple painting or a photographic piece, write a story or a song! Sometimes you will be given a challenge, or taught a new technique to include in your work.
  • The idea is that you are having a visual conversation with your partners and responding to each other’s ideas.

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Wednesday 29 of March

The second Sketchbook Circle meeting was a blast!
Loads of new members joined the circle, a lovely cake mini-party was thrown and we practised mono-printing! We all sat together to share and enjoy each others sketchbook creations. The room was full of excitement, questions, creative suggestions and discussions.

A perfect way to spend our lunch break creatively and add some extra oomph!

Below you see the Sketchbook Circle leader & members in action.

Drawing Table looking at each other's sketchbooks Monoprinting table sharing sketchbooks sketchbooks