Congratulations go to all our students for their hard work and exam success; we wish them a very bright future!

GCSE 2017

We are delighted with the achievement of our 2017 Year 11 cohort at Mossbourne Academy, where 83% students achieved the new Grade 4, and above, in English and Maths.

Highlights of this year’s results include:

  • Maths-40% students achieved Grade 7+; 7% of students were awarded the top Grade 9
  • English-50% students achieved Grade 7+ – an astonishing 35 students were awarded the new Grade 9
  • 38% (75 students) of all students achieved at least one Grade 9 or A*
  • 21% (41 students) achieved the top award of a Grade 9, with a total of 63 Grade 9s achieved by the cohort, overall
  • 5 students achieved Grades 9s, across the board, in English Language, English Literature and Maths: Sandra Karakas, Linus Kelsey, Fraser Maun, Hadiyah Qureshi and Matteo Walls

A Level 2017

28% Grade A-A*

90% Grade A-C

We are delighted that 98% of students have already accepted university places, including three at Oxbridge, and that four students will go on to study medicine and dentistry (three medics: Farzeen Mahmood, Aleda Mackenzie-Reid and Juweiria Wardere and one dentist: Naimah Chowdhury)!

With his award of 4 A* grades, Keji Neri is to be congratulated on being the first Clivebourne student to be offered a place to study Mathematics at Cambridge.

Overall, Mathematics students achieved outstanding results.  50% of all Mathematics, and 55% of all  Further Mathematics, grades were awarded  an A-A* and in five subjects (Economics, Music Technology, Psychology, Spanish and Textiles) 100% of grades were A-C grades.

Leila Bernstein, an alumni of the Mossbourne Rowing Academy, will be leaving England to study at UCLA in the United States of America.