Budding Medics practise their suturing and diagnostics skills at Mossbourne Sixth Form

Select students participate in a tailored workshop led by current NHS Doctor and former pupil

In January, students at Mossbourne Sixth Form – all scholars in the Medical Bursary Programme – participated in a tailored suturing and diagnostics workshop led by a current Doctor and past pupil, Dr Massimo Monks. The session was one of a series of practical workshops that Medical Bursary students have access to throughout the year aimed at providing them with practical experience that prepares them for medical school.

The session involved a guest lecture from Dr Monks, followed by opportunities for the budding medics to try their hands at some practical activities. Students completed a suturing station for half an hour and a diagnostics circuit which included looking into peak-flow lung capacity, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, how to use a stethoscope and digital thermometers.

Dr Monks, current NHS Doctor and a former pupil of Mossbourne Community Academy, said:

“The quality of suturing was higher than many of the medical students on courses I run, with one particular student excelling in quality.”

The Medical Bursary Programme nurtures high-achieving students in preparation for the next step in their chosen path, including tailored preparation for medical school and future career pathways in the field of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. Not only is the programme a unique and selective extracurricular opportunity for students, but students benefit from an investment – up to the value of £1,000 per student – of additional support, activities and preparation, throughout their time with the sixth form.

Mossbourne has received national attention for its excellent track record of sending students to medical school, with an average of 7 students per year going on to medical school compared to the average across the state sector of 1.76 students per school. Alongside an outstanding track record of excellent exam results, this enables students to study medicine and dentistry at prestigious establishments, including Cambridge, Imperial College London, Royal College of Veterinary Medicine, King’s College London, University College London and the University of Manchester.

Paul Barlow, Founder of the Medical Bursary Programme, said:

“We were delighted to host Dr Monks and are grateful for his time showing our students some of the key aspects of suturing and diagnostics. As we all know, the medical space is highly competitive, and at Mossbourne we strive to give our students an edge that will allow them to outcompete other students when it comes to their applications to medical school. Workshops like this one not only give them a real taste of their future career path, but they bolster confidence, contribute to exam success, and create an environment for like-minded and passionate students to explore areas of great interest to them.

“The Medical Bursary Programme, alongside our other flagship programmes including our Architectural Bursary Programme, furthers our founder’s, Sir Clive Bourne, legacy by providing

the students of Hackney with a real opportunity to gain experience and insight into their chosen future career path. This not only creates a richer learning environment, but improves the life-chances of our students and sets them on the path to success in their field.”