Safeguarding for pupils

Your safety and well-being are the top priority of staff at the academy. It is very, very important that you speak to an adult, either at home or a member of staff at the academy, if you feel at threat or unsafe in any way.

Safeguarding means that staff at Mossbourne Community Academy aim to ensure that all pupils are safe.  This means that risks are managed to prevent harm, pupils are protected from harm, and that there is effective care for all pupils.  Action will be taken if there is concern for any pupil, whether it be emotionally and/or physically.  The academy will take steps in order to ensure that pupils are not at risk, either from themselves or from others. This includes any feelings of threat inside or outside the academy from fellow pupils or other people who may be known or unknown to others.

At Mossbourne Academy, the Pastoral Team are all trained Designated Safeguarding Leads but we also want you to feel confident that you can approach any member of staff to discuss any threat or to let them know you feel unsafe. You do not have to approach a Designated Safeguarding Lead but, if a member of staff feels that you may be at risk they must seek advice from a Designated Safeguarding Lead.  The Designated Safeguarding Lead may have to share the information with an external agency, should they also feel that you are at risk and extra support is needed to make you feel, or be, safe. It is very important for you to know that while staff cannot promise confidentiality when we feel you may be at risk in any way, the information your share with us will only be passed on to the people who need to know and we will never share your personal information with your peers or with academy staff in general.

The steps that the Designated Safeguarding Lead might take are:

  • meeting with you to explore the issue
  • meeting with your parent/s or carer/s to explore the issue
  • liaising and meeting with other agencies or professionals
  • making a referral to Children’s Social Care and liaising with them.

Social Care are first, and foremost, a preventative agency – they seek to support families to ensure that young people are kept safe. It is with this in mind that the Designated Safeguarding Lead might refer to Social Care.

If you are a pupil at Mossbourne Community Academy and feel that you, or a peer, are at risk you should:

  • tell a Designated Safeguarding Lead. Your Head of Year, the Head of Upper School, Head of Lower School and Vice Principal Pastoral are all Designated Safeguarding Leads;
  • tell any member of staff you feel comfortable to talk to and cannot find a Designated Safeguarding Lead;
  • tell your parent/s or carer/s or an adult that you trust at home;
  • call Childline (0800 1111) or The Samaritans (08457 909090). Childline is free to call from any phone;
  • contact Hackney Social Care, who can be contacted directly in working hours (020 8356 5500) or out of hours (020 8356 2170)
  • (if you live in another borough) find the contact details for your home local authority’s social care details which are always displayed on their web page.


Safeguarding for Parents

The academy recognises that sensitive issues can often be difficult for young people to discuss.  Often a pupil will find it much easier to discuss concerns with a family member.  In this case, please do contact your child’s Head of Year to inform the academy of any matters which you may consider relevant.  The academy can the endeavour to make sure the appropriate support is in place for your child.

The academy continues to forward and share resources which pertain to safeguarding matters such as online safety or mental health.  These letters and resources, alongside being distributed on PAMParent, will be stored via a link on this page so please do continue to check.