For ambitious, articulate and confident students

Our wider curriculum offers the Bourne Scholar programme, a weekly lesson that is unique to Mossbourne and followed in Years 7, 8 and 9. It is underpinned by the 4 pillars of Culture, Community, Character and Scholarship. Students participate in a carefully structured programme that includes, but is not limited to, Philosophy, First Aid and Wellbeing, Ancient Civilisations, Climate Change, Hackney’s History, Computer Programming, Charity and Advocacy, Global Storytelling and Politics.

Aside from Bourne Scholar, many extra-curricular opportunities are available from chess to architecture, the Duke of Edinburgh Award to our Film Paradiso Foreign Film Club. Students can also participate in a number of sporting clubs and teams, competing at local and national levels, or just for fun.

Music is the academy’s specialism and the Performing Arts Learning Area offers a range of opportunities for students to express themselves creatively at both junior and senior levels. Each Learning Area also hosts an Enrichment Week dedicated to extra-curricular opportunities; these often include external speakers and a range of competitions and experiences for all year groups. Due to the wide variety of enrichment opportunities on offer, the curriculum experience at Mossbourne fosters students who are informed, curious, confident, empathetic, healthy and resilient.


The Enrichment Programme

For content and confident students

We provide Years 7, 8 and 9 students with a wealth of opportunities to feed their interests and curiosity through our comprehensive Enrichment Programme. This programme covers a truly diverse selection of topics and activities, which can be found here.

Each activity has a weekly session and usually culminates in an annual event that showcases the efforts of the students throughout the year.