Mossbourne Community Academy Rated ‘Outstanding’ in Glowing Ofsted Report

Hackney School is “changing pupils’ lives for the better”


Mossbourne Community Academy (MCA), part of the Mossbourne Federation in Hackney, has retained its ‘Outstanding’ rating in its latest Ofsted inspection.

This latest inspection recognises the progress the academy has made in all aspects of school life since its previous full inspection in 2010, without losing any ground tackling the challenges of the pandemic.

Inspectors highlighted first and foremost the success of MCA in changing pupils’ lives for the better and providing them with a far-reaching curriculum in and out of the classroom. They were impressed with the ‘sophisticated’ planning that goes into what pupils learn and the order they learn it at MCA, and observed that pupils can make connections between different pieces of knowledge and develop their skills and understanding effectively.

Ofsted also highlighted that MCA teaches pupils to “aim high in order to reach their full potential,” and remarked on the calm, fuss-free environment in which teaching and learning take place. Inspectors praised the school for fostering this environment by deliberately focusing on impeccable behaviour, which results in “single-minded attention to learning” that means pupils achieve top exam results and leave school fully prepared for the next steps in their lives.

Outside of the classroom, Ofsted offered high praise for the extensive extra-curricular offer at MCA. This includes further academic opportunities including Bourne Scholar programme, where pupils learn about a wide range of ideas, events and views such as philosophy, ancient civilisations, climate change, politics and Hackney’s history, alongside chances to get active in the outdoors through the Duke of Edinburgh Award, sports clubs, and the Mossbourne Rowing Academy.

They were also impressed by the way that MCA combines academic and extra-curricular support alongside emotional and effective safeguarding support to develop pupils who are extremely respectful of others and accept different lifestyles and points of view without prejudice.


Rebecca Warren, Principal of Mossbourne Community Academy, said:

“We were delighted to receive this fantastic Ofsted report, reaffirming the excellence of our provision here at MCA. As Ofsted write, at MCA, “Nothing is left to chance,” and we work diligently day after day, year after year to ensure that we are providing the best possible environment for our pupils to learn. We develop intellectually curious, ambitious and compassionate individuals here who go on to great things, and it is fantastic to see that recognised by the inspectorate.

“This ‘Outstanding’ result does not mean that we can sit back by any means – we will continue to push for progress and we look forward to welcoming Ofsted back in the future to demonstrate our unceasing dedication to becoming one of the nation’s top schools.”


Mohsen Ojja, Deputy CEO of the Mossbourne Federation, said: “Huge congratulations to Mossbourne Community Academy on their latest Ofsted inspection. Retaining an ‘Outstanding’ rating is no small feat, and having seen first-hand the consistent and tireless commitment that MCA leaders, teachers and staff have to the student body, it is well deserved. I have no doubts that MCA will continue to blaze a trail for other schools in the state sector and I look forward to following their success every step of the way.”

11 November 2021