First Place Again for our Speak Out Students!

Lydia Akande (10 Blackman), a student at Mossbourne Community Academy, has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Jack Petchey Speak Out Regional finals. Her victory was sealed with a powerful speech that resonated deeply with the audience and judges. Lydia shared her personal journey, highlighting her close relationship with her mother and shedding light on the challenges they face due to her mother’s deafness.

Her speech not only captivated the audience but also shed light on important issues surrounding discrimination and disability. Lydia’s ability to convey her message with conviction and sincerity left a lasting impression, earning her the well-deserved title of Regional Champion.

The entire community at Mossbourne Community Academy is bursting with pride at Lydia’s fantastic achievement. Her success serves as an inspiration to her peers and showcases the power of effective communication in addressing societal issues.

In addition to Lydia’s win, it’s worth acknowledging the outstanding performances of other participants. Dilmi Bodha-Hennadig (10 Malala), who came in third place, delivered an engaging speech on migration and identity, touching upon themes of cultural heritage and belonging. Furthermore, Chiamaka Ugwumba’s (10 Milton) incredible speech about being mixed-raced deserves special mention for its thought-provoking exploration of identity and diversity and the passion with which it was delivered.

The Jack Petchey Speak Out Regional finals not only provide a platform for young voices to be heard but also celebrate the diversity of experiences and perspectives within our community. Congratulations to Lydia, Dilmi, Chiamaka, and all the participants for their courage, eloquence, and passion in sharing their stories.

In addition to the inspiring speeches, the audience was treated to fantastic piano and singing performances by Ishana Fox and Sascha Nayamukuta, adding a musical dimension to the event and further showcasing the diverse talents of Mossbourne Community Academy’s students.

A special thank you goes to last year’s winner, James Tuitt Adjei, for his very professional MCing, guiding the event with grace and charisma. It’s a testament to the school’s excellence that we have now won the regional finals two years in a row, highlighting the consistent dedication and talent of our students.

A huge thanks also to Mr. Baker, who coached the speakers as well as to the amazing site team for their support and the wonderful Audrey Bryan and Marziya Hussain for organising the refreshments.


Christopher Warren

Whole School Literacy and Oracy Coordinator

First Place Again for our Speak Out Students!