Parent Pay

Please note that ParentPay has made changes to how you upload money to your account.

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Parentpay is our secure online income collection and management service which allows parents to make payments to the school using a debit / credit card. Payments in cash can also be made using the Parentpay top-up card (also known as Paypoint card) at local shops displaying the Paypoint logo. Paypoint cards should be used to pay for school lunches only. Parents are advised to always keep receipts of payments made at local shops safe and secure.

Visit the Parentpay website for more information.

Parents' Association

“PTAs are the lifeblood of any good school” – Sir Michael Wilshaw

The Mossbourne Community Academy Parents’ Association – MCAPA is a committee of parents who meet once a month and volunteer at specific events. Working in partnership with the Academy, we create and support opportunities to involve parents, carers and pupils in building a stronger school community.

Every year we:

  • Raise funds through events like the Summer and Winter Fairs
  • Produce and sell the Mossbourne Academic Calendar to showcase student artwork
  • Fund a bursary to support the Music Scholars’ Programme
  • Raise funds for equipment and school trips
  • Sell second-hand uniforms
  • Organise social events for parents

To find out more or get involved:

  • Come along to a meeting on the second Wednesday of the month (term time only) – see calendar or check this site for details
  • Attend an event
  • Email us at
  • Like us on Facebook: Mossbourne Parents Association

Free School Meals

Under the direction of Hackney Learning Trust, we are now moving away from paper application and promoting the use of the online application form for Free School Meals (FSM) and Pupil Premium ( PP).
The online system is easy to use and you will get an instant response as per your eligibility via email.

You will have to register first at Register for Free School Meals/Pupil Premium before you can apply.
Information and access to the online link is on Hackney’s Learning Trust website:

Y6 Open Evening

Art and Textiles


 It is expected that all students will travel to and from the Academy every day in neat, clean uniform as specified in the Uniform Policy, giving the clear message that our students take pride in belonging to the Academy. Anyone who fails to do so will receive a sanction.

 Page 5 6 Uniform.RW_Page_1
Additional Items and Issues

  • If for religious or cultural reasons a student has to wear a head covering then this must be a Mossbourne head scarf which is available from Trutex. Students’ faces must always be fully visible. We do not allow full or partial face covering.
  • Girls may wear skirts or trousers but not both. Academy skirts are available and can be worn in two lengths, i.e. knee length or mid-calf length. Skirts must not be shortened or lengthened beyond these limitations.
  • Outdoor coats must be the Academy uniform coat for all students Years 7-11.
  • No jewellery to be worn, except for a single/ pair of small gold or silver stud earrings in the lobe of each ear and a watch. No other form of body piercing is allowed. Jewellery must be removed before doing P.E. lessons.
  • ‘Smart’ watches of any make are not permitted to be worn by students and will be confiscated if brought into the Academy.
  • No make-up or nail varnish may be worn.
  • There should be no hair markings, shaping of the hair or graduating of the hair. Eyebrows must not be shaved or have any markings in them. Hair should not fall over the eyes or, indeed, be untidy in any way. Hair must be business-like and smart.
  • For boys, hair should be tied back in one unit if longer than the top of their collar. Hair must always be kept back off of the face. Hair may be worn in plaited styles but with no topknots.
  • For girls, only one ponytail for long hair and simple hair grips or a plain black headband, to keep hair back off the face. Hair should not fall over the eyes or, indeed, be untidy in any way. Hair must be business-like and smart.
  • Hair should be worn in a plain style, which does not draw attention or is incongruous with the Academy uniform.
  • Coats must be removed upon entering the building.
  • Shirts and ties should be worn appropriately, i.e. shirts must be tucked in and collars buttoned and ties worn neither too long nor too short.
  • The Academy woollen hat may be worn in the winter months only.
  • Students must wear correct uniform on the way to and from the Academy.

 Academy uniform can be obtained from:

Trutex (formerly Crossbow Wear)

31 Broadway Market


E8 4PH

Tel. 020 7923 9313


Uniform Price List *

* Please note that the new striped blouse for 2016/7  Year 7 students is not listed, but will be the same price as for the current red blouse for years 8-11 2016/7.



 All students are expected to bring their equipment to the Academy each day.

Students must bring the following items:

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