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Rowing Applications, Year 9 and Year 12 admissions – Academic Year 2018-19

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London Youth Rowing and Mossbourne Academy –

a harmonious partnership built on solid foundations.


London Youth Rowing (LYR) is a ground breaking sports charity – developing young people through physical activity and opening access to rowing at all levels. We know that sport teaches character and resilience. Through innovative programmes we aim to provide young people with the tools they need to build their own futures.

Since 2010 Mossbourne have been partnered with London Youth Rowing.  As the flagship programme in their academies system, we have formed a strong bond and have received a great deal of support from LYR as our development programme has continued to grow. Based at the London Regatta centre, Royal Docks LYR have supported Mossbourne by providing two full time coaches to oversee the our rowing programme, provision of the LYR rowing facilities and resources. We share the ideology of LYR in working to achieve the following outcomes; performance, participation and life skills. 

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Mossbourne Community Academy provides a unique opportunity to excel within the sport of rowing.

Academic and sporting excellence, with neither compromised.


Recent highlights include;

International representation from Kesiah Roe (2 x Gold medals),

Full Rowing Scholarship to the University of Washington (Sam Nunn)

British Championships Silver and Bronze medals,

European and World Indoor Silver medals.





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 Admissions Arrangements for Rowing

Rowing at Mossbourne

Sixth Form Rowing

The Rowing Academy in the Sixth Form is aimed at those students who show strong athletic potential and wish to apply that potential to the sport of Rowing. Whilst many students joining the programme at this level will have prior rowing experience, there are a number of students taking up rowing for the first time when they join the school. The common factor amongst all the members of our Sixth Form team is a common drive to achieve excellence, regardless of their starting position.

Training in the Sixth Form Academy varies depending on timetable and experience. Students are provided with an individualised training programme, although training is often completed in groups, that will allow for them to achieve the goals that they set for themselves at the start of the year. At the highest level the students seeking international representation will be training up to 12 times a week.

Alongside the high performance element of the Rowing Academy, a number of student’s train on a less rigorous schedule for enjoyment and as a way of maintaining their own personal fitness standards.

Lower School Rowing

Rowing at Mossbourne is a part of the Academy culture. Students in Year 7,8 and 9 will participate in rowing as part of the broad curriculum offered by the Academy during timetabled P.E sessions.

At Year 8 level a large number of students chose to take rowing further than just the curriculum P.E sessions, with regular training at school in the gym and fortnightly trips to the water. Students at this level showing exceptional potential and talent will have the opportunity to race at the end of the year, and our most promising students will go on to become full members of the Rowing Academy when they enter Year 9.

Year 9 is where the students grow into their status as members of the Rowing Academy. Throughout the year training will increase from an initial 3 sessions a week up to 5 sessions a week. They will be training on the rowing machine, in the gym, on the water and in our specialist rowing tank. Students will race at regular intervals through the winter and into the spring, before competing at national level competitions in the summer.

As the students continue to take part in the Academy in Years 10 and 11 the work they have done in Year 9 shows through as they successfully balance an increased training programme with their rigorous academic requirements. For the most talented students the first opportunity for international competition comes at this age group.

The development of the programme through the Lower School is aimed at equipping the students to arrive at the Sixth Form with a well-rounded athletic education that will enable them to make the transition from Lower School rowing into the Upper School Programme, and to achieve medal winning success at national competitions as the athletes move through the age groups.

Coaching Roster

We are proud to be able to offer our athletes the support of a full time coaching team. Some information about the members of staff coaching on the Rowing Academy can be found below:

Oliver James – Head Rowing Coach

Oliver has coxed the LTA mixed coxed four to three successive World titles and a win at the Paralympic Games in Rio 2016.

Oliver started coxing in 2009 at the University of Warwick while studying for a BA in Philosophy. He signed up for the boat club at the start of his first year and continued to row with the club throughout the three years of his undergraduate degree.

During his final year at University, Oliver decided he wanted to commit to rowing on a longer-term basis and signed up to join Leander Club as part of their 2012-13 athlete intake. After joining the Leander program, Oliver became involved in coxing the para-rowing squad at Caversham, where he has won three world cup titles, setting the world best time in the process, three world championship titles, and most recently a Gold Medal at the Paralympic Games in Rio.

He now joins Mossbourne Community Academy as Head Rowing Coach and is looking to build on the previous success of the school and establish the Academy as a top rowing school.

Daniel Brighton – Assistant Rowing Coach

Daniel started rowing when he was 13yrs old, having been dragged to every regatta in the midlands to watch his parents race. After having no initial interest, he eventually started to see its appeal, and started training. His efforts were rewarded with a Henley Regatta qualification for the Fawley Cup in 2005. His career ended after a short stint at university. Having coached at his local club on and off, he then started working as a community coach for LYR in 2014. Daniel has now joined Mossbourne to Assist the Head Coach in delivering sessions and increasing the rowing academies success.

Upcoming Events

Mossbourne Rowing Academy: Provisional Events Calendar


Sunday 23rd April – Lea Spring Regatta


Saturday 6th May – Bedford Amateur Regatta (Year 10 Only)


Saturday 13th May – Thames Ditton Regatta (Year 9 Only)


Friday 26th May – Sunday 28th May – National Schools


Saturday 3rd – Sunday 4th June – Peterborough Spring Regatta (Year 10)


Saturday 24th June – Peterborough Junior Regatta


Friday 14th – Sunday 16th July – British Junior Championships



In exceptional cases students from the Year 8 development squad may get a chance to race with Academy students from Year 9.

Events where the year group is unspecified are for the whole rowing Academy